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The Kite Runner Research Project

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The Kite Runner Group Research Project


Essential Question: How do you conduct meaningful research and establish relevant criteria?


Each class will be conducting group research assignments on the topics below. All group members will be responsible for the final product.


Research Topics:


1. Afghan Kite Fighting

2. Pashtun Ethnic Group

3. Hazara Ethnic Group

4. Afghanistan Today

5. Afghan Opium Trade

6. Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan

7. Traditional Afghan Food

8. Sports in Afghanistan

9. Geography of Afghanistan

10. Islam

11. General History of Afghanistan

12. Taliban Uprising

13.Traditional Afghan Music

14. Education in Afghanistan

15. Afghan Government

16. Dating and Marriage in Afghanistan


 Research Project for TKR.doc


 Research- Plagiarism and Paraphrasing.doc


 Research Rubric for Kite Runner.doc


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Websites on correct MLA citations:


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