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The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini





Research Project

Essential Questions



Before Reading


1. Zoom


2. Sentence Conversation


 Sentence Conversation Activity-TKR.doc

 Sentence Conversation Quotes.doc



During Reading




The class will create two sided bookmarks on which they will keep a running log of characters and quotes/scenes that define those characters. Also students will use the bookmark to evaluate their own reading during assigned reading sessions. The template for these bookmarks are in the files below.



 character card bookmark.pdf


 read and think bookmark.pdf



4. Vocabulary Wall


While reading the students will create a vocabulary wall on which they will define and illustrate unfamiliar terms found in the novel.




5. Active Reading Squares


Picture_or_Video_038.jpg           Picture_or_Video_044.jpg


6. Virginian Pilot Article "Sunni Shiite: Iraq Divided"


On Tuesday March 6, 2007 the Virginian Pilot printed an article highlighting the differences and similarities among the two Muslim factions in Iraq: Sunni and Shite. In the novel The Kite Runner the author discusses these factions in association to the main characters of the story. It is an important concept for the class to understand in order to recognize the conflicting relationship among the two main characters. As a class we will discuss the article along with a political cartoon that deals with these two major sects of Islam.


7. National Geographics websites on Afghanistan


8. Learning Log Packet


 Learning Log- TKR.doc



After Reading


9. Station Activity


 Stations for The Kite Runner.doc



National Geographic Article "How They Found National Geographic's 'Afghan Girl'"




National Public Radio report entitled "'Afghan Girl' Mystery Solved"




Abstract Art Station     Abstract Art Station

                                                                                                    Abstract Art Station


Vocabulary Station    Osama clip Station 

                                  Vocab. Cartoon Station                                                          Osama Film Clip Station


 "The role of fiction..." Station

                    "The Role of Fiction. . ." Station


10. Afghan Tea House

After completion of the novel the students will have the chance to experience a classroom recreation of a traditional Afghan tea house. During the tea house, the students will learn about traditional Afghan foods, music, and etiquette.


11. Seminar

Seminar pieces- Linkin' Park song "What I've Done" and "Following Amir" essay by Khaled Hosseini


 Seminar- TKR.doc

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