March 15-19: Of Mice and Men-Chapters 1 & 2

archly (adv.): playfully 

apprehensive (adj.): anxious; fearful 

bindle (n.): a small bundle of items rolled up inside a blanket and carried over the shoulder or on the back; a bedroll. 

brusquely (adv.): quickly; bluntly; abruptly; almost rudely

cesspool (n.): a deep hole in the ground into which sewage from sinks, toilets, etc. is drained.

derogatory (adj.): belittling and insulting

mollified (adj.): soothed; pacified 

morosely (adv.): in a sad, gloomy manner

ominously (adv.): in a threatening way

unslung (v.): removed; took off


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